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The website uses technology that stores and accesses information on the user’s end device (in particular, using cookies).

Cookies are data, in particular text files, sent from a website server and stored by a web browser or other technological solutions on the end device (e.g. a personal computer or a smartphone).

Cookies in particular make it easier for the user to use the websites previously visited. If the user has used the same device and browser before, cookies make it possible to remember his preferences.

Cookies used in the website are primarily used for the proper functioning of the website and the convenience of visitors.

Due to the nature of the services provided via the Website, the use of cookies by the Website is necessary for the proper implementation of these services.

The user may change the way cookies are used from the browser level. Detailed information can be found in the Help function in the respective browser.

For example, in Internet Explorer, cookies can be modified from the level of: Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy; in Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy; while in Google Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content settings -> Cookies. The access paths may depend on the browser version.

Information about cookies managing on a mobile phone can be found in the user manual / user manual of a particulary phone.




Cookies Policy

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