We exist since 1994 – discover our story

Twenty six years ago, two young people – siblings – decided to set up a company and start producing decorative bags. In the full bloom of youth, full of vigor and willingness to act, they put their whole heart into their work.

Despite the adversities they faced on the way to success, they never gave up. After a few years, their life partners joined the company, and they also contributed to the flourishing of the family business.

In 2008, a very dynamic development of the company began, which continues to this day. We started importing decorative articles (furniture, clocks, lanterns, candlesticks, wicker and metal products, photo frames, ceramics), and also started producing wooden articles. We have created our own brand of products „New Village”.



Our exhibition shows the current trends in interior design, and the commertial offer may surprise you with the variety of styles of global design. Our offer includes a collection for every season of the year. Our main goal is to provide customer satisfacion, and we try to offer our services at the highest level. We are a company created by people with passion, which allows us to have a unique approach to the customer and care for his needs. Our clients include both small companies and international enterprises. Together with our employees, we strive to ensure a nice and family atmosphere in our company.


We are at the forefront of the most recognizable importing interior design companies in Poland. We are constantly changing our range and actively participate in trade fairs and events.